miércoles, 17 de junio de 2015

Acuerdos regionales: Intereses estratégicos

Siguiendo con la "trastienda" de lo que además hay como objetivo en los acuerdos comerciales, este artículo de Larry Summers en el Financial Times da también su visión de por qué a los países desarrollados (o sea, a la UE y a EEUU) le gustan los acuerdos comerciales regionales:
Last, the global economic challenge is profoundly different from a generation ago. (...) Trade agreements that encouraged adoption of market institutions in developing economies and helped them access the industrial economies were crucial in creating a global economy. Today, we have such an economy, one that has supported the greatest economic progress in emerging markets. It works spectacularly well for capital and a cosmopolitan elite that moves effortlessly around the world. But it presses down on the middle classes who lack the wherewithal to take advantage of new global markets and who do not want to compete with low-cost foreign labour.

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