martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Profesión: degustador de chocolate

Esta profesión es la que les/nos gustaría tener a muchos (del Financial Times): chocolate taster, que quiere decir algo así como degustador de chocolate. Esto nos cuenta "un elegido":

People don’t believe me when I tell them what I do for a living – it just doesn’t sound real. Every month a box of chocolate is sent to the office in London for me to sample. In factories things change and different types of harvest affect flavours – unlike at home, where you don’t get much variation in flavour when you bake a few cakes. I taste every batch of Green & Black’s produce to make sure it’s up to our standards.

There were 3,500 applications for the job from a variety of people – bankers, neuroscientists and hypnotherapists, as well as chefs. The interview was gruelling. I took a taste test, identifying different herbs and spices mixed into a chocolate ganache. It sounds like fun but in an interview you get nervous and your mouth goes dry and then someone hands you a load of chocolate to taste.
The past two weeks have been a highlight. There are two bars I’ve been developing since I started. I’ve toyed with the flavours and sourced the raw materials. Now I get to see them rolling off the production line and think: “Those are mine!”

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Anónimo dijo...

Sigo su blog semanalmente. Me parece buenísimo. Muchas gracias por mantenerlo en funcionamiento.
Quería saber qué texto (s) de Economía Internacional recomienda: Krugman-Obstfeld-Melitz, Taylor-Feenstra, Van Marrewijk, Caves-Jones-Frankel,...
Hace poco me licencié en economía y querría usar un texto para repasar (aprender) conceptos en este campo.
Muchas gracias anticipadamente.

Antonio Gómez Gómez-Plana dijo...

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